Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Arkansas

A full stack developer works with numerous computer coding and programming languages to build websites and apps. While some developers work exclusively on the back end or the front end of a website, the full stack developer knows how to do both. This requires an understanding of many languages and skills. This role can come with good pay and industry growth in Arkansas and elsewhere.

Requirements for Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Arkansas

Currently, there are not requirements set forth by the state of Arkansas for you to become a full stack developer. You can be in this profession without getting licensing, certification or a degree. However, you will need an understanding of coding and programming languages to perform this role, and a training program may help you learn these skills or prove your knowledge to clients or employers. Some employers in Arkansas may require specific credentials.

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Training Courses and Educational Programs in Arkansas

If you decide to go through formal training for full stack development, Arkansas has training and education options within the state. Some courses give training in all aspects of full stack development, while others give bits and pieces that can be combined into comprehensive learning. Here are a few of the options in Arkansas:

  • Northwest Arkansas Community College: This full stack software developer course covers 600 course hours in 18 months. It takes place online and trains in both front-end and back-end web development, using many coding and programming languages that include HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and Python.
  • Certstaffix: This school offers separate classes that can be pieced together into a complete education in full stack development. For example, you could take classes in HTML5, Javascript, responsive web development and more. It provides in-person classes in Little Rock and also online classes.
  • University of Arkansas: The U of A provides a front-end web development certificate and a back-end web development certificate. These can be combined for a complete education in full stack web development. The six-month front-end course teaches HTML, CSS and other front end languages, while the six-month back-end course teaches Node.js, MongoDB and additional back-end languages.

Career Outlook and Salary Expectations

According to as of July 2020, the average full stack developer salary in Arkansas is $119,784 per year. Someone just starting out could expect to make closer to $98,000 per year, while someone with three to five years of experience could make about $145,000 annually in the state. The average salary for this position is higher than that of a front-end or a back-end developer, which fits with the additional skillset required of a full stack developer.

The full stack developer position is too new to have complete career data, but it can be included in the broader group of web developers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows a positive job outlook for the web developer industry, with a projected growth of 21 percent from 2018 to 2028. This growth is considered much faster than average job growth nationwide.

Working as a Full Stack Developer in Arkansas

There is a need for website and app development in all industries. In a full stack developer role, you could create these directly for a business as an employee or you could build websites for many companies by working for an agency or as a freelance contractor. According to the BLS, most software developers work for computer systems design, finance and insurance, or software publisher employers.

Full stack development provides a steady and growing occupation in Arkansas. It doesn’t require hurdles to get started and is a high-paying profession.