What Is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a programming language that web developers use to create and edit modern interactive websites. Anyone working on a website can use this language. It’s used in conjunction with the other main web languages, HTML (hyper text markup language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and it brings their application to the next level. These are the three main web languages to learn as a web developer.

Let’s see how you use JavaScript and why it’s important.

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What Is JavaScript and Why Is It Used?

JavaScript is one of the main web languages to know on top of HTML and CSS. It can enhance your websites and make them interactive, to keep up with modern web standards. In other words, it can help a website look like it was made in 2020 rather than 2006.

Yet, while it provides a modern website, JavaScript is not as complicated to learn or use as other modern web or server languages. It’s also used because it’s common and it works with the full range of modern browsers. There are certain benefits to using JavaScript, such as reducing web page load time and its compatibility with other web languages like Python and PHP.

JavaScript allows you to improve the look and function of a website by impacting how the page works. It gives you the ability to change HTML attributes, content and elements as well as CSS styles. You have more control and can create better quality websites when you know JavaScript. Nonetheless, your JavaScript knowledge should build on your HTML and CSS knowledge rather than learning it instead of them.

Why Do We Need JavaScript?

You don’t need JavaScript to create a website, but it makes a page look and work better. It creates pages that fit in with the higher standards of modern website. It’s in charge of aspects like animations, popups and other enhanced parts of websites that we have learned to see as normal.

Nonetheless, it’s recommended that you try to use HTML or CSS for your task first, before turning to JavaScript. That’s because JavaScript can be more difficult for outdated devices or high-security computers to use. Basically, go with the simpler options first, before adding another level of complexity, and then use JavaScript sparingly to enhance your website.

Is JavaScript Front End or Back End?

JavaScript is a front-end programming language. This means it’s used to impact the part of the website the user sees, such as the content, the layout and the style. This is different from the back end of a website, which relates to the server, database and everything that’s in charge of how the site is functioning.

Is JavaScript Hard to Learn?

JavaScript is more difficult to learn than HTML and CSS, yet it’s meant to add to your knowledge of them. So by the time you have a working knowledge of the basic two languages, you should have an easier time learning JavaScript. Also, JavaScript is considered easier to learn than other programming languages such as Python and C++.

Overall, JavaScript is one of the three most essential web languages to know, in addition to HTML and CSS, and you use it in conjunction with them. This language helps you create a modern website that meets today’s high standards. While it can elevate the look and function of a website, it’s not too difficult to learn.

When you have knowledge of JavaScript and the other two main web languages, you’ll have a great basis in front-end web development. This means you’ll be able to create the visual side of a website that users interact with every day.