How to Become a Full Stack Developer in Arizona

A full stack web developer is a coder skilled in both front- and back-end programming and coding. Until recently, most coders specialized in one or the other. Now, there is growing demand for workers who can do both. It helps to streamline web and app development and design.

Front-end development means programming the parts of an application or website that users experience and see. The back-end development is the working heart of the site or app, the parts that users never see but that are essential.

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This career is growing across the U.S. and in Arizona. Employers increasingly want to hire workers with the ability to code for both ends. Job stability is great, and salaries are impressive. If you are willing to do some training, having this skillset could land you a new career.

Training and Licensing Requirements for Full Stack Developers

You do not need to be licensed in Arizona to work in full stack development. You also don’t need a specific education, degree or certificate. What you need to begin working in the field is the ability to use certain coding languages. It also helps to have credentials to show employers.

Not all colleges have full stack developer programs because this career is still fairly new. You may find some programs designed for it, but you can also take a mix of courses to get the skills you need. These include a few coding languages, like HTML, JavaScript, Ruby or PHP. You’ll also be more in demand if you include some courses in web design, user experience design and database development.

Academic and Training Programs in Arizona

From degrees to bootcamps, there are a few options for learning full stack development in the state:

  • University of Arizona. This bootcamp gives you the full stack experience with courses for coding with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Command Line and more. You can complete the program on a full-time basis in 12 weeks or part-time in 24 weeks.
  • Bryan University. In Tempe, Bryan offers a two-year associate degree in full stack web development. Skills targeted include front-end and back-end coding languages, quality assurance, data structures and a portfolio project to show to future employers.
  • Maricopa Corporate College. For the most convenience, choose this online bootcamp. You’ll learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Django, GitHub, Python and more. The program includes 600 hours of coursework, which can be completed in 18 months or less.

Typical Salaries and Job Outlook

You won’t get an exact figure on job growth and salaries from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for this career. The BLS has not yet tracked it as a new field. However, there are some jobs, like web developer or software developer, that can give you a good idea.

For instance, both of these related careers are growing throughout the U.S., according to the BLS, much faster than average job growth. The average salaries are $73,760 per year for web developers and $105,590 for software developers.

In Arizona, web developers make a little less than the national average, at around $67,000 per year. While the BLS does not yet record information for full stack developers, other sites do. According to, the average salary for these professionals in Arizona is $95,311 per year.

Working as a Full Stack Developer in Arizona

With such big growth in the industry, a trained full stack developer should have no trouble landing a job in Arizona. Some examples of jobs listed in the state include: full stack web developer for BrandLync in Phoenix; Java full stack developer for Infosys Limited in Phoenix; Java full stack developer for Hierarchsoft Technologies in Tempe; and full stack developer for Vivid Racing in Gilbert.