Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Connecticut

Full stack developers stand out in the popular field of website development. That’s because they possess perhaps the industry’s most comprehensive developer repertoire. In addition to handling front-end coding duties, full stack specialists can also tackle behind-the-scenes coding. Such an in-demand set of skills leads to a high level of respect for these versatile professionals.

By developing full stack skills, coders make themselves valuable team players. Why? Capable front- and back-end specialists can simplify the coordination of web development projects. They can also make such projects more cost-effective and contribute to faster completion times. Full stack experts are also prized for their ability to foster coding teams’ understanding of the whole web development cycle.

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Like people living in other parts of the U.S., Connecticut residents can take advantage of the robust market for full stack developers. Whether you’re switching careers or expanding your existing skills, you can find training options that fit your needs. And once you’ve completed your training, you can pursue lucrative employment as a staff coder or freelancer.

What Are the Licensing and Training Requirements?

You don’t need a state or federal license to work as a full stack developer in Connecticut. You also don’t need to meet any statewide training standards. Still, people who work as software developers tend to have verifiable, demonstrable work skills.

One way you can demonstrate your full stack developer abilities is to get a degree in software development. Both bachelor’s and master’s degrees are common in the industry. If you didn’t go to college for software development, you can still work in Connecticut if you hold some sort of full stack certification.

To get certified, you’ll need more training than you would for many other types of coding jobs. That’s true because full stack developers don’t just need to learn front-end programming languages such as Bootstrap, HTML, JSON, XML and JavaScript. They also need to learn back-end languages such as ASP, PHP, Python, C++ and C#.

To get the help you need, it’s best to find programs that specialize in full stack developer training. Such programs are becoming more common with each passing year. If you need to, you can also create your own full stack curriculum by enrolling in multiple training programs.

Connecticut Training Programs for Full Stack Developers

Residents of Connecticut have several options for dedicated full stack developer training. The list of available programs includes:

  • The University of Connecticut Coding Boot Camp – This program is offered in partnership with Trilogy Education Services. It focuses on full stack skills currently in demand among companies based in Connecticut. In addition to these skills, the UConn/Trilogy program provides professional career services and the chance to create a substantial project portfolio.
  • The Connecticut School of Broadcasting Web Developer Program – This program features a staff comprised of experienced software development professionals. It combines thorough full stack training with small class sizes. The program focuses on providing you with solid, entry-level skills. You can enroll at the school’s Farmington or Stratford locations.
  • Eastern Connecticut State University’s Full Stack Software Developer Program – This online program is a collaboration between Eastern Connecticut State and the web-based training company ed2go. It provides fully 600 hours of training in front- and back-end website coding. You’ll need about 18 months to complete this extensive curriculum.

How Much Can Connecticut Full Stack Developers Make?

The field of full stack software development is so new that the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t track it as an income category. Fortunately, the needed information is available from other sources. According to data surveys undertaken by, full stack developers working in Connecticut make an average annual salary of over $105,000. This is a bit less than the reported average for the country as a whole. First-year developers make an average of more than $86,000 a year.

Job Projections for Full Stack Developers in Connecticut

There are no current projections for the full stack developer employment market in Connecticut. That’s due, in part, to the relative newness of this 21st century profession. However, statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics can still provide a rough idea of what to expect. Overall, the software development industry will grow by more than 20 percent in the decade between 2018 and 2028. This high level of expansion bodes well for Connecticut residents hoping to work as full stack developers.