Full Stack Developers in Florida

New to the tech world, full stack developers are changing the game for big tech companies and freelancers alike. Why? Because full stack developers have more skills and know more programming languages than traditional web developers, who focus primarily on front-end or back-end website development. While building a website used to require two techs, each well-versed in specialized programming languages, full stack developers can build a website from start to finish independently.

What exactly do front end, back end and full stack mean? Keep reading to find out.

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Front-end web developers write code in languages such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These specific languages tell a user’s interface how the website should be arranged on a visual level. For instance, what type of font should be used, where are the headings placed and what colors should a user see? Back-end developers write code in other languages that communicate with the server to improve functionality and keep the website updated. Some examples of back-end programming codes are PHP, Python and MySQL. These languages can perform functions like updating pricing and product offerings.

Licensing and Educational Requirements in Florida

Florida does not have an oversight regulatory board for web developers, meaning there are no specific educational requirements, nor is a license needed to work in the field. However, those looking for employment as full stack developers will need to have a solid working knowledge of several programming languages, which will require specialized training.

Educational Options for Full Stack Developers in Florida

There are many types of training programs for web developers, from short, intensive “coding bootcamps” to master’s degree programs. When looking at the various options for schooling, it will be essential to keep your career goals in mind. Do you want to be a good coder and work specifically on building websites and software, or are you hoping to be in charge of a team of coders? You can also decide if you prefer to take classes online or in person and whether you want to concentrate on front-end or back-end development at first or go straight into a program promising full stack training. A few options for those who live in Florida include:

  • University of Central Florida offers a bootcamp-style program online. Students will learn both front-end and back-end coding languages while building a portfolio.
  • Palm Beach Code School offers a full stack Web Developer program part-time on campus in North Palm Beach. Taught by industry professionals, classes will prepare students for work as an entry-level junior developer.
  • Florida State College at Jacksonville offers a Technical Certificate for Web Development Specialist. The program promises to provide students with the hands-on training they need to become competent in building and managing websites.

Florida Salaries and Growth Potential

While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tracks salary data for most professions, it does not specifically track salary data for full stack developers. However, it does show average annual salaries for web developers and computer programmers from 2019, which are listed at $66,720 and $80,370, respectively. According to payscale.com, full stack developers were on par, with their data showing an average of $78,527 annually.

As far as growth potential, the career field is expected to grow by 13 percent between the years 2018 and 2028, according to Projections Central.

Opportunities in Florida

While the profession has serious potential for home business ownership, full stack developers are also currently in high demand with big tech companies due to their extensive knowledge of programming. Companies like Lockheed Martin, Perficient, Citibank and Boar’s Head are all possible employers for those living in Florida.