How to Become a Full Stack Developer in Hawaii

A full stack developer is a specialized type of web or software developer. Working in this profession, you would have the skills and knowledge to develop websites and applications. While some web developers understand how to create either the front-end, visible part of a website or the behind-the-scenes back-end part, full stack developers understand both. This increased ability makes this position efficient and valuable. It’s no surprise that it’s an in-demand and growing industry in Hawaii and throughout the country.

Education and Licensing Requirements for Full Stack Developers in Hawaii

The position of full stack developer is not currently regulated in Hawaii or around the country. There are no specific degree or training requirements, and licensing is not needed. But to gain employment and fulfill the role, you need a solid grasp of front end and back end coding and programming languages, such as HTML and Node.js. A training program can provide this education and show credentials that demonstrate your ability to perform the job.

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Training Options for Full Stack Developers in Hawaii

While training in full stack development is limited due to the newness of the field, Hawaii does have training options. Alternatively, you can combine courses in different web languages or take a course online. Hawaii’s offerings include:

  • Hawaii Community College: This online full stack software developer course provides comprehensive training during 600 course hours over 18 months. It gives complete training in both ends of website development by teaching front-end languages like HTML and JavaScript, and back-end skills such as Python and Flask.
  • Devleague: This program offers bootcamps that take place in Honolulu. You can put together the Web Development 101 bootcamp with the JavaScript Web Engineer bootcamp to gain numerous full stack development skills. The first bootcamp teaches the top three languages of front-end development: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The second bootcamp teaches frameworks for developing the back end of websites.
  • Nucamp: This bootcamp provides a flexible option that features online learning during the week and in-person training in Honolulu on Saturdays. The Full Stack Web + Mobile Development bootcamp teaches the front and back ends of websites and app building in 22 weeks.

Job Outlook and Salary

As of July 2020, ZipRecruiter listed the average salary of full stack developers in Hawaii as $107,214 per year. This could vary by years of experience, skillset, place of employment and other factors. The majority of salaries in the state ranged from about $74,000 to about $131,000 by ZipRecruiter’s data.

Full stack developers are a specialized type of software developer or web developer. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that from 2018 to 2028, web developers have a job outlook growth of 13 percent, and software developers have one of 21 percent growth. Full stack developers can anticipate a growing industry.

Working as a Full Stack Developer in Hawaii

When looking to work as a full stack developer, you could seek out an employer or work for yourself by offering your services to clients from a home office. A significant portion of web developers are self-employed, according to the BLS.

Employers could include agencies or businesses. While companies in any industry have the need for websites, the top employers of software or web developers include computer systems design services, publishing, and finance and insurance. Some other strong industries for this position are manufacturing, management services and advertising.

Full stack development is included within strong and growing industries. If you enter this field in Hawaii or by working remotely, you could expect an in-demand position that pays well.