Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Idaho

Web development involves both the front-end parts of a website such as the design and layout, and the back-end parts such as the framework. Some web developers specialize in either the front end or the back end, while full stack developers are capable of working on both. The broader knowledge of a full stack developer helps streamline the web development process and provides increased value to clients or an employer. Entering this field can provide strong opportunities with high pay and growth in Idaho.

Educational Requirements for Full Stack Developers in Idaho

You won’t face education or licensing hurdles to begin working as a full stack developer in Idaho. Not everyone in this position gets there in the same way or has the same knowledge. The key is to have an understanding of one or more front-end coding languages and one or more back-end languages. Full stack developers can vary in the languages they know and their level of specialization in certain languages.

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A full stack developer course can provide an extensive knowledge of many front-end and back-end languages. Nonetheless, another path is to take a course in one specific language at a time and build knowledge in a piecemeal fashion. Completion of some form of training course can show an employer or clients that you have mastery in this field.

Training and Education in Idaho

Training in full stack development in Idaho includes these options:

  • North Idaho College Workforce Training Center: This 18-month online program covers 600 hours of course materials. It teaches coding languages and technologies for both the front end and back end of development.
  • LeapFox Learning: The software developer training in Meridian, Idaho, helps you become a full stack developer in six months. It includes three phases: phase one covers web development topics including HTML and JavaScript, phase two covers app development with skills such as Python and SQL, and phase three provides hands-on learning experience by creating a capstone project.
  • CodeWorks Boise: This Boise-based, immersive full stack course covers 500 course hours in 13 weeks. It teaches many programming and coding languages including HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Node.js, SQL and MongoDb.

Career Outlook and Salary

The industry of web developers and software developers, of which full stack developers are a part, is expected to grow significantly in the coming years. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), web developers have a projected job growth of 13 percent and software developers growth of 21 percent. Both growth rates are considered significantly faster than average job growth overall.

Full stack software developers in Idaho make an average salary of $106,539 per year, according to ZipRecruiter as of July 2020. You could expect to make less when just starting out, and various factors can increase salaries, such as learning additional skills and gaining years of experience.

Working as a Full Stack Software Developer in Idaho

When you’re ready to start working in the full stack development role, you have the choice to work for an employer or to be self-employed. You could work directly for one company or work on the websites and applications of many companies. There is opportunity for this position in any industry that has an online presence. Nonetheless, certain industries hire web and software developers at the highest rates. According to the BLS, the top industry is computer systems design services. Other significant employers are in finance and insurance, software publishing and manufacturing.

Consider a career in full stack development as a high-paying and growing career in Idaho. It’s fairly easy to get started in this position and add to your skills over time.