Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Illinois

Full stack developers are shining stars in the rapidly growing market for web software experts. The reason for their newfound prominence is their ability to do two things. First, they have the skills needed to develop client-side programs used on websites by the public. In addition, they have the skills needed to perform the background development that provides website infrastructure.

The presence of a full stack developer can quickly boost the productivity of the typical web design team. These ultimate utility players also help development companies control their costs, create more close-knit teams and get more projects done.

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People living in Illinois are well-placed to find work as full stack developers. That’s true, in part, because of the substantial salaries they can command. In addition, a range of institutions located in the state offer training programs that make it possible to enter this profitable field. With a complete set of skills, you can work as a freelance coder or apply for work at one of Illinois’ many tech firms.

What Are the Requirements for Full Stack Developers?

You won’t find a universal list of requirements for working as a full stack developer in Illinois. However, this doesn’t mean that potential clients and employers don’t look for certain things. In many cases, software developers have acquired their skills while in college and possess degrees that attest to this fact.

You’ll also find plenty of employed coders who didn’t go to college, but gained the necessary skills in other ways. Typically, this alternate route to training involves enrolling in some sort of certification program. In the past, many such programs only focused on client-side or behind-the-scenes web development. However, today, more and more programs offer courses specifically for people hoping to work as full stack developers.

Why do full stack developers benefit from specialized training programs? Since they combine the skills of front-end and back-end coding, developers in this category simply need to know more than their less versatile peers. Programs that keep this in mind add to your convenience and make it easier for you to get the comprehensive training you need.

Full Stack Developer Training Programs in Illinois

Prospective full stack developers in Illinois have access to a variety of in-state options for training and certification. Some of the most prominent programs include:

  • The Northeastern Illinois University Full Stack Developer Program – This boot camp-style program offers 26 weeks of training broken down into five modules. As you progress from module to module, you’ll gain all the skills you need for professional employment. Before completing the program, you’ll also work on a high-level project designed to fully showcase your abilities.
  • The Illinois Institute of Technology Professional Certificate in Web Design and Development – This program actually combines two separate courses: Website Application Development and Internet Technologies and Web Design. In addition, all participants must complete a third, elective training course. Certificate holders possess a thorough knowledge of full stack development.
  • Fullstack Academy Chicago Boot Camp – This program focuses on a JavaScript full stack specialization. It features projects and labs that provide you with real-world coding experience. In addition, the program provides ample career-building resources and access to a community of program alums and instructors.
  • Illinois Central College Full Stack Developer Program – This is an online program made possible by a collaboration between the college and a prominent web-based training company. It provides extensive instruction that leaves you equipped for a wide array of full stack jobs. Program participants accumulate a full portfolio of small- and large-scale projects.

Potential Salaries for Illinois Full Stack Developers

Current figures from show that full stack developers working in Illinois have an average annual salary of more than $106,000. This level of income is close to the median for all 50 states. Developers with three to five years of experience make close to $15,000 more than the average each year. Newcomers make almost $20,000 less.

Job Market Outlook

Full stack development is not treated as a separate employment category by the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Instead, this agency looks at the software development industry as a whole. Between 2018 and 2028, BLS figures point to a 21 percent increase in the number of coders employed across the country. Full stack developers in Illinois will likely ride this rising tide of job availability.