Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Indiana

A skilled full stack developer is in high demand by all types of companies. Employers are looking for these professionals who combine the ability to code for the front end, user experience components of a website or app as well as the back end.

This is a new and growing career. In the past, coders usually focused on the front end or the back end, not both. Many employers now prefer to hire workers with more versatile skills. With a full stack developer leading a team, projects run more smoothly and efficiently.

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To become a full stack developer in Indiana, you have a few choices. From a four-year degree to an intensive bootcamp, there is an option for everyone.

Requirements in Indiana for Full Stack Developers

There are no official requirements for working as a full stack developer. The government does not regulate the industry or require licensing, certification or specific degrees. To land a job, you simply need to prove you have the necessary skills.

To get those skills, you can complete web or software development courses, go through a coding bootcamp or earn a degree. The types of courses you’ll need to be a well-rounded, employable full stack developer include:

  • One or more front-end coding languages
  • One or more back-end coding languages
  • Web and app design
  • User experience
  • Database creation

Full Stack Education Options in Indiana

In Indiana, you can choose between four-year degrees and shorter degree, certificate or bootcamp-style programs:

  • Indiana University. IU’s School of Informatics and Computing offers a four-year bachelor’s degree for full stack development. Obviously this option takes longer, but it will give you everything you need to work in the industry. A degree also opens up doors for advancement in your career later.
  • Ivy Tech Community College. Ivy Tech has multiple campuses across the state and several options for web development. Choose from among several associate degree, technical certificate and certificate programs to get the coursework needed for a full stack career.
  • Nucamp. Nucamp offers full stack bootcamps across the country, including a campus in Indianapolis. The full stack program takes 22 weeks to complete. It includes virtual learning during the week so you can continue to work and in-person sessions on Saturdays.

Full Stack Developer Salaries and Career Growth

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has not yet begun reporting career information for full stack developers because it is so new. But they do report on similar careers, indicating strong growth. For instance, the BLS states that careers for web developers are growing at 13 percent, a fast pace for job growth.

This means you can expect job stability and to be able to land a job easily if you have the right training. You’ll also command a good salary. The BLS doesn’t have salary statistics, but reports that the average annual salary for full stack developers is over $115,000 in Indiana. The starting salary is closer to $94,000.

Finding a Job in Indiana

With the right courses, degree or certificate, and with strong job growth in the state, finding a position as a new full stack developer should be easy. These professionals work for all kinds of companies, any that need a website or apps. You can also work as a freelancer out of your home office.

To give you an idea of the kinds of positions available, here are some recent listings in Indiana: full stack developer for enVista, Carmel; full stack web developer for Purdue University, West Lafayette; JavaScript developer for Gaea Global Technologies, Indianapolis; and full stack web app developer for Level 12, Jeffersonville.