How to Become a Full Stack Developer in Kentucky

A full stack developer is a computer professional with expertise in both front-end and back-end coding. It’s a relatively new career because most programmers specialize in one or the other, not both. The industry is changing, though, and anyone who can do both is in high demand.

As a full stack developer in Kentucky you might work developing websites or apps. For either type of job, you need to have certain skills, including knowledge of the programming languages for coding what users see and the back end, functional parts of an app or website.

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What Degrees or Licenses Do Full Stack Developers Need in Kentucky?

This is an industry that is not currently regulated, so it can be confusing to figure out how to get started. There are no licensing, training or degree requirements for full stack developers in Kentucky. Instead, it’s important to take courses that will give you the skills employers are looking for in their developers.

While degrees are scarce for this new career, you will find coding and programming certificates and courses. Pick the courses you need to be proficient in design, front-end languages and back-end languages.

Full Stack Training in Kentucky

In Kentucky, choose a bootcamp with online options or a community college certificate program:

  • Bellarmine University. At this Louisville school, a boot camp type of program for coding is designed to help fill jobs in the area. Employers in Louisville can’t find enough skilled developers, so they worked with the school to create this boot camp. Mix and match courses to get what you need. Complete courses in about 12 weeks with online and in-person learning.
  • Nucamp Bootcamp. This boot camp for developers has a location in the Lexington-Fayette area as well as online courses. The standard program includes 8 to 14 hours of work per week, mostly online and at your own pace, along with a few hours in Saturday, in-person sessions. It takes 22 weeks to complete and allows you to work while you train. There are a few programs, including full stack web and mobile development.
  • Kentucky Community and Technical College System. The state’s community college system offers a programming certificate available at campuses throughout the state. The program is 12 credit hours and allows you to choose from among several courses. You can pick the coding languages you want to learn to be prepared for full stack development.

Full Stack Developer Salaries and Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports on some related careers but does not yet have information for this new career. General web developer careers are growing rapidly , according to the BLS. The growth rate of 13 percent means jobs for full stack developers are likely to be growing rapidly as well.

The BLS data for salaries gives a range of $72,000 to $73,000 on average for developers and programmers in Kentucky. reports that full stack developers in the state make an average of $107,043. In your first year, that salary may be closer to $87,000.

Working as a Full Stack Developer in Kentucky

Growth in the industry is strong, so landing a job should be simple. Careers are available in the larger metropolitan areas like Louisville, Lexington and Frankfort, but you can also do this job remotely. Employers include all different types of companies because all businesses need websites and apps.

Some of the jobs listed recently in Kentucky for full stack developers were for Planet Art in Louisville, The Rawlings Group in La Grange, One Click Contractors in Louisville and AIG in Jeffersonville.