Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Louisiana

Traditionally, when developing websites, there is someone who works on the front end of the site and someone else who works on the back end. But in recent years, programmers are learning how to build both the front and back ends of websites, therefore working on the site from start to finish. These programmers are known as full stack developers.

Full stack web developers should be familiar with front-end languages such as CSS, HTML and JAVA as well as back-end languages like PHP, PYTHON or RUBY. Developers who can program various languages will be more desirable employees. Full stack developers may also have experience in program management, web and visual design. If you enjoy coding websites, or are interested in doing so, then you may want to consider a career as a full stack developer.

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Louisiana Licensing Requirements

There are no licensing requirements to work as a web developer in Louisiana. The educational requirements are not specific, either. Training to work in web development can consist of anything from certificate programs to master’s degree programs. But for this career, skill is more important than formal training. Training will be beneficial to help you learn the languages of coding. However once you learn how to code and get good at it, your work will speak for itself, no matter what kind of training program you have completed.

Training for Full Stack Developers in Louisiana

If you are interested in becoming a full stack developer, completing a training program that teaches either front- or back-end development will be useful since you will need to be able to do both. Because full stack developers are becoming more in demand, many programs will teach both types of programming languages. Many full stack development programs are offered online. Here are a couple of the options available to you in Louisiana:

  • LSU at Alexandria. In partnership with the ed2go program, LSU at Alexandria offers an online full stack software developer course. It consists of 600 course hours that can be completed in 18 months. This program teaches both front- and back-end languages. You will also learn how to develop an interactive data visualization dashboard, manage source code and build an entire website from scratch. You will complete several small projects and five large projects that you can add to your portfolio to show prospective employers. You will earn a certificate upon completion of the course.
  • Louisiana State University Coding Bootcamp – Louisiana State University offers a coding bootcamp program that is sponsored by Fullstack Academy. This top-ranked program is offered online and can be completed in six months. Three phases comprise this program. They include web foundations, front-end development, and back-end and full stack development. Once you complete the program, the career development team will work with you to help you find a web development job.

Salary and Career Expectations in Louisiana

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) does not offer data specifically for full stack developers; however, it does show that computer programmers and web developers in the state of Louisiana made an annual average of $81,070 and $52,550, respectively. Computer programmers who have more experience can potentially earn as much as $126,490 per year and web developers can earn as much as $88,100. Employment outlook for full stack developers in the state is also positive. According to Projections Central, in the period between 2018 and 2028 computer programmers in Louisiana will see an almost two percent increase in jobs, with approximately 40 new openings in this job field annually.

Job Opportunities for Full Stack Developers in Louisiana

In Louisiana, there are plenty of opportunities for those interested in working in full stack development. Possible employers include CGI Group, Inc., Nucamp and the State of Louisiana. Cities that may have the most job opportunities will be the larger, more populated metro areas like Baton Rouge, Lafayette and New Orleans.

Another option for full stack developers is remote work. Because of the type of work that they do, full stack developers can also operate their own web development business or work as a freelancer from a home office. Whether you choose remote or office work, once you complete some training to learn front- and back-end language and get some experience building websites under your belt, you can expect a good salary and job stability.