Become a Full Stack Developer in Maine

Web developers have traditionally been split between front-end and back-end developers, each possessing a piece of the puzzle to make a fully functioning website. While front-end developers focus on the visible parts of a website, back-end programmers have the ability to make the website perform the various functions needed to keep it up-to-date. However, in today’s tech world, a new trend is emerging: the full stack developer.

Since coding languages perform differing functions, anyone wishing to bill themselves as a full stack developer will need to be proficient in multiple languages. These include both front-end coding languages like HTML, CSS and JAVA, along with back-end coding languages like MYSQL, PYTHON and PHP.

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Full stack developers make it their business to know as many web coding languages as possible and use them all confidently. While in the past, two or more coders needed to work together to build a website, the full stack developer can create one without the need for another programmer. Currently in high demand in the industry for the extensive knowledge and versatility, this career choice has the potential to be lucrative.

Licensing for Web Developers in Maine

In Maine, web developers don’t need to acquire a license and there is no statewide administration for the industry. Without such oversight, employers can set their own educational requirements for open positions. For job seekers in the field, it will be essential to ensure meeting the minimal standards through extensive training and portfolio development.What is considered minimal can vary from person to person based on what they hope to achieve in their career.

Obtaining the Necessary Education for Full Stack Development

Keeping you career goals in mind will be important when choosing the right educational program. For example, those looking to work as entry-level coders will need to master multiple coding languages, while those who are hoping to advance to leadership positions will likely also wish to pursue a more advanced degree. As such, training programs vary from accelerated boot camp-style training to a master’s degree education. In Maine, a few of the possibilities include:

Growth Projections and Salary Expectations within the State

According to Projections Central, full stack developers are on the rise with a national projected job growth rate of 13 percent in the next 10 years. Those in the southwestern part of Maine will have the most employment options, with southwestern Maine listed as one of the top five non-metropolitan areas for employment in the country.

Salaries are similarly appealing, with listing annual wages ranging from $54,000 and $115,000, not including bonuses and profit sharing, which are an industry standard and can increase pay by an average of $8000.

Full Stack Developer Opportunities in Maine

With the ability to work independently, full stack developers make great freelancers. Having little need to hire other contractors helps keep business overhead low, allowing those in the business to make a steady profit.

For those who prefer to work for someone else, big tech companies actively recruit for full stack developers, as they can be used on multiple projects and assignments. A few of the many potential employers in Maine include Garmin, Rose IT, Coria, Perficient, LBESOFT, End Game 360 and iFit.