Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Mississippi

No matter where you go in today’s world, Internet-based communication is an essential part of everyday life. This communication doesn’t spring from nowhere. Instead, it relies on the dedicated work of talented web software developers.

The web development world is split into two basic halves. In one half sits client-side programming, which powers the public faces of all websites. In the other half sits server-side programming, which provides the hidden framework for websites’ public functions. Some web developers specialize in one of these two programming fields. However, experts called full stack developers have the skills required to do both jobs.

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In Mississippi and other locations, the skills of full stack developers translate into lucrative salaries. In fact, these professionals regularly make more money than their colleagues who only perform client-side or server-side tasks. Want to know what it takes to work as a full stack developer? The information contained in this short guide will give you a good idea of what to expect.

Getting Trained as a Full Stack Developer

All full stack developers share one trait in common. Namely, they possess a diverse set of software coding skills. This well-used toolkit includes a variety of server-side web programs. It also includes a variety of client-side web programs. It takes time and dedication to accumulate knowhow in both areas. However, it may not take as long as you think.

There are two main pathways for gathering the skills used by full stack developers in Mississippi and elsewhere. Many would-be coders pick up the required abilities while enrolled in a college bachelor’s or master’s program. Others sign up for certification programs that focus on full stack development. It typically takes years to get a college degree in web-related fields. In contrast, it usually takes much less time to complete a high-quality certification program.

Full Stack Developer Training Programs in Mississippi

Where can Mississippi residents enroll in full stack developer programs? There are several options available, including remote courses and in-person courses at local institutions. Many of the most prominent offerings in both categories come from Mississippi State University. They include:

  • Mississippi State University Extension Full Stack Software Developer Program – This online offering comes from a Mississippi State partnership with ed2go, a well-known vocational training company. While enrolled in this program, you’ll receive a full 600 hours of beginning and advanced instruction in full stack-related skills. It takes a year and a half to complete the course and qualify for certification.
  • The Mississippi State Coding Academies – This is the joint name for three separate coding bootcamps co-sponsored by Mississippi State and other providers. Locations for these bootcamps include Starkville and the state capital of Jackson. All three academies offer thorough, tuition-free full stack developer training. Applicants must demonstrate the drive and dedication needed to complete 11 months of coursework.
  • Comcast Veterans Code – This is one of the three Mississippi State coding academies. As its name indicates, it’s offered in association with Comcast NBC Universal. The program specifically targets veterans seeking to gain valuable work skills for jobs in the software development industry. It allows you to gain full stack skills over the course of 20 weeks in classes scheduled at night and on weekends.

How Much Can You Make as a Mississippi Full Stack Coder?

Mississippi full stack developers make an average of about $89,000 a year, according to current figures from Behind this average lies a wide range of actual salaries. A small percentage of the state’s full stack coders have annual earnings in the $30,000 to $40,000 range. At the high end, yearly pay surpasses $137,000.

Future Predictions of the Developer Market

Software development is one of America’s true growth industries. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports a steep rise in opportunities that will last, at minimum, until almost 2030. BLS figures don’t specifically cover full stack coders. However, since these programmers are prized within the industry, they’re sure to represent a sizable portion of future job openings.