Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Ohio

For an exciting new career in a growing industry, consider becoming a full stack developer. The career might be new to you, but it’s also new in the world of coding. In the past, most coders worked either on front-end website and app building, or on the back end.

As a web or app developer, you would do one or the other. But employers are increasingly looking for people who can do both. To be a full stack developer you need to be able to use one or more coding languages for building the parts of a website users see and the languages used to develop the server-side of a site.

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In Ohio and elsewhere, this is a new but growing career. With both front- and back-end skills, you can command a great salary. You’ll also find it easy to land a job for any company that needs a website or applications.

Training and Licensing for Ohio Full Stack Developers

This career is not regulated by any government agency. You do not need any specific degree, certificate or license to work as a full stack developer in Ohio. What you do need is the right skillset and the ability to prove to employers that you can code both on the front end and the back end.

The simplest way to learn what you need to be a full stack developer is to complete a training program specifically designed for this career. Because this is a new career, though, such specific programs are limited.

If you can’t find a good program in your area, take software and coding courses that will provide a comprehensive education for full stack work, including learning:

  • Front-end languages like HTML and JavaScript
  • Back-end languages like PHP and Python
  • Web and app design
  • Database building
  • User experience design

Full Stack Developer Training Programs in Ohio

Degree programs in full stack development can be a little hard to find, but more and more bootcamp-style courses are cropping up around the country. Ohio has a few options, but you can also find online bootcamps for developer courses.

  • Tech Elevator. This bootcamp developer school has classes in Cincinnati, Cleveland and Columbus. It offers on-campus courses and also live, virtual classes. The program includes front-end and back-end programming, database SQL programming and app building.
  • We Can Code It. In Columbus and Cleveland you also have this bootcamp, which offers a few different options for programs. There is a remote, Java full stack bootcamp, a flex program that is mostly remote with some in-person sessions, a C# full stack program and a fully in-person Java bootcamp. All are designed to get you into full stack development and take between 14 and 16 weeks to complete.
  • Franklin University. For a degree option, Franklin in Columbus offers a four-year bachelor’s degree program in web development. This is an extensive program that teaches you everything you need to know to be a full stack developer. Earning a degree takes more time and costs more, but it may give you more career options later.

Salaries and Career Growth

As a new career, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) doesn’t yet have data collected for full stack development. But if you look at related careers, you can get a good idea of the growth and expected salaries.

The BLS reports, for instance, that web development careers are growing much faster than average. The number of positions is increasing by 13 percent. For software developers, that increase is nearly as rapid, at ten percent.

Web developers in Ohio earn an average salary of $69,530 per year. While the BLS doesn’t have this salary data for full stack developers, other sites do. According to, full stack developers make $88,782 on average in the state. Just starting out, expect a salary closer to $73,000.

Working as a Full Stack Developer in Ohio

Nearly all companies need developers, not just tech companies. You can find jobs all over the state too, and even work as a freelance developer. Some examples of recent job listings in Ohio include: full stack .net applications developer for Data-Basics, Bedford; full stack developer for Findlay St. Capital, Cincinnati; and full stack PHP developer for HUSL Digital, Columbus.