How to Become a Full Stack Developer in Pennsylvania

In the Internet Age, website developers play an important role in meeting the needs of both companies and the general public. And chief among these vital technology experts are full stack developers. People with full stack skills can handle all aspects of web development. That includes behind-the-scenes programming that end users never see. It also includes client-side programming that end users see every day.

In recognition of their valuable skills, full stack developers make some of the highest incomes in the software development industry. That’s true in Pennsylvania and elsewhere across the country. Interested in becoming a Pennsylvania full stack developer? Here’s some of the key information you need to know to get trained in this exciting, profitable field.

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Full Stack Developer Training Requirements

What are the requirements for becoming a Pennsylvania full stack developer? To get work in this area of software development, you must be familiar with at least some of the programming languages used to create client-side website interfaces. In addition, you must be familiar with at least some of the back-end languages that provide a stable platform for client-side programs.

You have two basic options for obtaining the necessary skills. Some people enroll in college and get a bachelor’s or advanced degree in the development field. Others seek out developer certificates through a more focused, shorter-term training program.

There is one universal truth about full stack developer training programs. Completion of them requires more coursework than programs focused on a smaller area of web development. That’s because full stack coders are responsible for so many programming tasks in their everyday work environments.

Training Programs for Pennsylvania Full Stack Developers

You have a range of options for full stack training programs in Pennsylvania. Many programs are based in one of the state’s two main metropolises, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Residents in other parts of the state may find it easier to locate an online source for the required training. In-person and online options include:

  • The University of Pennsylvania LPS Coding Boot Camp – This program offers 12- and 24-week courses in full stack development. Whether you attend full-time or part-time, during the week or on weekends, it can accommodate your needs. The Penn LPS curriculum covers all aspects of front-
    and back-end coding. Everyone from experienced developers to beginners can apply.
  • The Nucamp Coding Bootcamp – This Philadelphia-based program combines in-person and online coursework. There are actually multiple boot camps available. Inexperienced students start out in the four-week beginner course. An advanced, 22-week course focuses on full stack development and mobile (i.e., phone and tablet) development.
  • The Pennsylvania Academy of Audiology Full Stack Developer Program – This is an in-state version of the online program offered nationwide by training specialist ed2go. It features some of the most rigorous training available (800 hours of coursework). It also puts an emphasis on helping all participants build up their portfolio of example projects.
  • The Academy Pittsburgh Developer Bootcamp – This program specializes in offering professional developer training to people from diverse backgrounds. The Academy reserves 50 percent of all spots for minorities and other underrepresented groups. In addition, students can defer paying for their training until they’ve joined the workforce as full stack developers.

How Much Can You Make as a Pennsylvania Full Stack Developer? reports that Pennsylvania full stack developers average about $97,000 a year in base income. Bonuses may add a few thousand dollars to this total. Experienced developers can tack on $20,000 dollars or more to their annual salaries. Newcomers start out with salaries close to the $80,000 mark.

The Future Market for Full Stack Developers

As a rule, full stack developers in Pennsylvania and other locales can expect to see their employment prospects grow for at least the next decade or so. In fact, federal researchers estimate that the overall software development job market will spike by more than 20 percent in the coming years. This increase will almost certainly affect full stack experts, who hold some the industry’s most prized skills.