How to Becoma a Full Stack Developer in South Carolina

Website developers traditionally work exclusively with front-end programming codes or back-end programming codes, but in today’s tech industry a new trend is emerging: full stack developers. Although building a website generally involves utilizing both a front and back-end programming expert, full stack developers have all of the necessary skills to build a website from start to finish. This type of expertise has become popular with big tech companies, who are looking for employees with diverse expertise. It’s also a popular option for those wishing to start their own business, as they can provide a full spectrum of services.

If you are interested in becoming a full stack developer, you will need to acquire expertise in various training languages. These will include front-end languages like HTML, CSS and JAVA, which control the optics a user will see on the website, and back-end languages such as RUBY, PYTHON and PHP, which communicate with the server to improve a website’s functionality. As a full stack developer, the more languages you learn to program, the more marketable you will be.

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Training and Licensing in South Carolina

South Carolina does not have a licensing requirement for web developers. As a career, web development does not have definitive educational requirements. Instead of credentialing, web developers are valued for their ability to program a visually appealing and functioning website. If you know your codes, your knowledge and expertise will show through the websites you create.

Full Stack Web Developer Training in South Carolina

Since full stack web developers need both front-end and back-end programming skills, a reputable training program for either option would be possible as a starting point. Once you have training in one or the other, you will be able to build on the skills you’ve learned by training in additional programming languages. Some possibilities for training in South Carolina include:

  • Midlands Technical College in Columbia offers a training certificate in Full Stack Development. Training takes four to five months and includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.
  • Carolina Code School in Greenville offers a full-time, immersive coding course. The course is 12 weeks in length and allows for plenty of one-on-one mentorships.
  • Trident Technical College in Charleston offers courses in Web Design and Development including a Front-End Web Developer certificate. The course will train students in HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as Photoshop for the Web and Digital/Social Media Marketing.
  • University of South Carolina-Sumpter in Sumpter offers a Web Design Professional training course. Students will learn the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with in-depth training in Bootstrapping.

South Carolina Career Growth and Salaries

According to Projections Central, the Web development industry is expected to experience growth between the years 2018 and 2028 at a rate of 13 percent. Those working in the field can expect a salary range between $54,000 and $115,000 per year, depending on experience and place of employment, making this career choice both sustainable and potentially lucrative. Bonuses and profit-sharing are also common in the industry and could account for salary additions of up to $5,000 per year.

Job Opportunities in South Carolina

Full stack developers are in a unique position when it comes to small business ownership due to their ability to program a website from start to finish. They are also in increasingly high demand in many areas of the tech industry, as employers look for candidates with myriad skills and abilities. Whichever you prefer, an opportunity is not difficult to find. A few potential employers in the state of South Carolina include Spinvi, Perficient, ECS and Soteria.