How to Become a Full Stack Developer in South Dakota

Different roles can work together to develop a website. Back-end developers work on certain parts, such as the framework and responsiveness, while front-end developers work on the design and other parts that are visible to the visitor. The full stack developer combines these roles into one position, so one person works on both the front and back ends, fully creating a website. This position can also create web and smartphone applications.

To carry out this role, you would need an understanding of numerous web languages. These include front-end languages, especially the main ones of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You also need to know how to apply some back-end languages, such as Python, Ruby or PHP. By understanding both the front end and back end of website development, you could increase your career opportunities in South Dakota.

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Licensing or Education Requirements for Becoming a Full Stack Developer in South Dakota

You do not have certain requirements set forth by the state to work as a full stack developer in South Dakota. Instead, focus on learning the skills needed to carry out the role and look at credentials employers in your area may require for this position. You may need to show certification or training in certain web languages to gain employment.

You have the option of taking separate classes in each web language and combining them into a full stack developer education or taking a comprehensive course in full stack development. The path you choose may depend on your area, the cost of the programs or other factors. Consider that some people learn a few coding languages to get started and then add to their knowledge over time.

Training and Educational Courses in South Dakota

Training options for full stack development are limited in South Dakota, but these are two programs available in Sioux Falls:

  • Nucamp: You can take a full stack web + mobile development course for 22 weeks in Sioux Falls. You learn CSS, JavaScript, React and many other skills of both front-
    and back-end development.
  • Certstaffix: Separate courses are offered in a variety of web languages, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl and jQuery. Some classes take place in Sioux Falls, while some are offered online. You can combine courses to gain an education in full stack development.

Career Outlook and Salary Expectations

In Sioux Falls, most full stack web developers make a salary in the range of $64,908 to $100,488 annually, according to ZipRecruiter. The average full stack web developer salary is $84,750 per year. This average salary is lower than many other states, but cost of living in each area needs to be considered. You may have the opportunity to make a higher salary by working remotely for companies in other states. Nonetheless, the average salary for this role in South Dakota is a good salary that’s higher than many other occupations. You can increase your salary with increased skills and experience.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the projected job outlook of web developers has a growth rate of 13 percent, which is higher than average .

Working as a Full Stack Developer in South Dakota

Full stack developers can work directly for companies, for agencies that create websites for many brands or in a self-employed, freelance capacity. The main industry that employs web developers is computer systems design and related services, according to the BLS.

Becoming a full stack developer can put you into a growing field with a good income. You could expect plenty of opportunities in South Dakota or around the country, as web development is a need of many industries.