Becoming a Full Stack Developer in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin and everywhere else in the U.S., web software developers play a critical role in keeping the Internet robust and useful. Many developers focus their skills on the behind-the-scenes programs that form the backbone of websites of all sizes. Others focus on the programs that Internet users see on their screens. However, some developers choose to develop a “full stack” of front-end and behind-the-scenes coding knowhow.

Full stack developers possess the industry’s most versatile set of coding abilities. Not surprisingly, they’re paid well for their extensive skill sets. Whether you want to work for yourself or in an established company, you can get the training you need to flourish in this profitable field of employment. Here are the things you need to know to get started.

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Options for Gaining Full Stack Developer Skills

To work as a Wisconsin full stack developer, you must reach a fairly high bar of training and education. That’s true because developers in this category take on so many tasks. One week, you may be helping out on the client side of things. The next, you may find yourself tackling a pressing problem with back-end software.

So, how do people interested in joining the industry get the training they need? For some, a college degree program is a viable option. In fact, many prospective employers look for just this kind of background. However, employers also look for developers who’ve gained their skills in other ways. That includes people who hold certificates of completion from reputable, rigorous full stack training programs. These programs may take the form of online or in-person coursework.

Training Programs for Wisconsin Full Stack Developers

Like most states, Wisconsin offers a range of training options for obtaining full stack certification. However, unlike many states, most of the high-profile training courses are based online, not at brick-and-mortar locations. This makes it fairly easy to get certified no matter where you live in Wisconsin. Your available options include:

  • The University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire Full Stack Software Developer Program – The university provides this extensive 800-hour course through a partnership with ed2go, a major player in online education. Participants build their skills over a period of 18 months. They also gradually assemble a portfolio of projects. Graduates are fully prepared to perform at a professional level.
  • The University of Wisconsin Extended Campus Coding Boot Camp – This 24-week, online program features live, virtual courses led by seasoned instructors and teachers’ assistants. It focuses on providing you with the most marketable skills for anyone seeking a full stack developer job. You can also benefit from supplemental courses, scheduling flexibility and ample support for launching your new career.
  • DevCodeCamp – This online coding boot camp is based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It features virtual classes led by instructors in real time. The camp also focuses on the development of the real-world problem-solving skills most needed by full stack specialists. DevCodeCamp states that more than 80 percent of its graduates go on to find suitable employment.

Income Expectations for Wisconsin Full Stack Coders

How much can you expect to make developing front- and back-end web software in Wisconsin? The most recent available figures come from researchers at These researchers note that the average salary for the state’s full stack developers is just over $91,000 a year. In their first year of employment, most coders make about $15,000 less than this amount. However, coders with at least three years’ experience make substantially more.

Job Projections for Full Stack Developers

In terms of future job prospects, it’s a good time to be a full stack developer. That’s true because full stack specialists belong to one of the nation’s fastest-growing employment categories: software development. In the years between 2018 and 2028, America’s pool of working software developers will expand by about 21 percent. There’s no reason to think that Wisconsin residents with in-demand full stack skills won’t share in this bounty.