How to Become as a Full Stack Developer in Wyoming

If you enjoy working with computers, software and design, consider a career as a full stack developer. These professionals code and develop all aspects of websites and apps. This is a new career because the job of building sites and apps in the past was done by two different types of coders.

The front-end coder took care of user interface elements, while the back-end coder built the undercarriage of the website or app. Employers now prefer to hire someone who can do both, a full stack developer. This career is growing in Wyoming and in all states and is a great opportunity for a lucrative future if you have the right training and skills.

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Training and Licensing Requirements for Wyoming Developers

Full stack development is the kind of career that’s built on specific skills. If you can show an employer you have those skills, you qualify for the job. There are no Wyoming requirements for licensing, a degree or a certificate. Simply take the classes needed to do the work of front- and back-end coding.

Because it is a new career, finding a degree or complete certificate program specifically for full stack development can be difficult. Not all colleges have a program, but there are online and alternative options. If you can’t find a full stack program that works for you, take courses in coding languages for both the front end and the back end. Supplement those with some design and user experience courses, and you’ll be a well-rounded job candidate.

Full Stack Training Programs in Wyoming

Wyoming has no traditional certificate or degree programs on campuses, but there are other options, including online programs you can complete from home:

  • Array. Array is a coding education center in Cheyenne. It offers a unique opportunity for aspiring full stack developers. Array is a Registered Apprenticeship Program, which means, if accepted, you can learn to be a coder while earning a salary. Apprentices earn $15 to $17 per hour for a year while training in a real-world setting. Upon completion, you have the chance to keep working for the same company at full salary.
  • Thinkful. This is an immersive, online coding school you can complete full-time in five months. It includes coding as well as user experience design, data science, digital marketing and technical project management. The unique payment plan gives you the chance to pay no tuition until you are in a paying, full stack developer job.

Salaries and Career Growth

Because full stack development is so new, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has yet to start reporting salary and job growth statistics. You can get a good idea of the industry, though, by looking at data for related careers. The BLS reports growth of 13 percent for web developers, while jobs for software developers are increasing at a rate of 10 percent.

Web developers in Wyoming earn about $48,000 on average per year, but full stack developers earn more because they have more training and skills. According to, Wyoming’s average salary for this profession is over $93,000.

Working as a Full Stack Developer in Wyoming

Wyoming may be sparsely populated, but you can still find work in this industry. Every company that has a website or apps needs developers. You can also work from home and contract out your services. Full stack developers have a lot of opportunities and flexibility.

Here are some of the recent job listings for full stack developers in Wyoming: full stack PHP JavaScript developer for Scalable Path in Laramie; full stack developer for Guidehouse in Cheyenne; full stack software engineer for SturdyAl in Laramie; and software developer for Coders Data in Cheyenne.