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What are the main properties of a wave?

Waves have three principle properties: Wavelength, velocity and frequency.

Wavelength (λ) is defined as the distance between successive wave crests, i.e. the distance over which the shape of the wave repeats. The wavelength varies depending on the medium through which the wave travels (light in a vacuum, air or water, or sound through air, aluminum or glass). It is measured in meters.

Wave velocity (v) refers to the velocity at which a wave phase propagates in a given medium. It is measured in units of meters per second.

Wave frequency (f) is the number of times the particles of a medium vibrate when a wave passes through it during a given period. The unit of frequency if Hertz (Hz) which is equal to one occurrence of a repeating event per second.

How is Wavelength Calculated?

The relationship between the three main properties of a wave is described by the following formula:

λ = v/f

Make sure you use the correct units:

Wavelength: meters (m)
Frequency: Hertz (Hz)
Velocity: meters per second (m/s)

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